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Gardening with Roses: Designing with easy-care climbers, ramblers, & shrubs
(1997)  Page(s) 39.  
Alain Blanchard can be grown in dappled shade
(1997)  Page(s) 21.  
A particularly good subject for training as a pillar rose or short climber because of its floppy habit.
(1997)  Page(s) 72.  
Alchymist... Train a clematis or honeysuckle over the rose canes to extend bloom season and to hide any defoliation from blackspot, to which this rose is somewhat susceptible...
(1997)  Page(s) 105-106.  Includes photo(s).
... You can also train goldflame honeysuckle up the left side of the rose arch to meet 'Alchymist' halfway. Goldflame honeysuckle will effectively carry the bloom on your rose arch through the summer with a tangle of delightful, fragrant, tubular, carmine-gold flowers that change to pink...
(1997)  Page(s) 30.  Includes photo(s).
The most popular climbing rose of all time.
[PHOTO Growing on a pergola]
(1997)  Page(s) 18.  
Among the best of the old roses for small gardens. It makes a superb mass planting or low hedge.
(1997)  Page(s) 39.  
Apothecary's Rose can be grown in dappled shade
(1997)  Page(s) 28.  Includes photo(s).
(1997)  Page(s) 34.  
Heritage full, cupped blooms in soft blush pink
(1997)  Page(s) 34.  
Fair Bianca produces buds tinged with deep pink that open to creamy white, myrrh-scented flowers reminiscent of 'Madame Hardy'
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