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J. C. Schmidt / Blumenschmidt (catalogue)
'J. C. Schmidt / Blumenschmidt (catalogue)'  photo
Photo courtesy of jedmar
Nursery in Erfurt, Germany. See also J. C. Schmidt under Breeders.

The rose colour codes in the 1933 catalogue are based on the work of
- Prof. Wilhelm Ostwald (1853-1932), Nobel prize for chemistry in 1909, who published works on colour standards in 1916/17
- Prof. Franz August Otto Krüger (1868-1938), who further refined the Ostwald scales
- Ernst Benary, seed trader

The colours and tones could be measured with a Zeiss instrument. See also the article "Eine Farbenordnung für Rosen" by Brigitte Wachsmuth (with link to the article).
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