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Vintage Gardens Book of Roses
(2006)  Page(s) 25.  
Correctly identifies this rose's name as: À longs pédoncules.
(2006)  Page(s) 32.  
Hybrid Chinas...Ombrée Parfaite (Alice Vena, Cora)
Hybrid China (G)    Vibert, 1823 (Provenance: Pickering)
Deep violet to violet-black flowers, double and crisply formed with a lovely light scent. This appears to be identical with the found rose Alice Vena, which has been in commerce for over a decade. Whether or not this is for certain Vibert's introduction of 1823, we leave t the next decade of research. 
(2006)  Page(s) 239.  
A favorite of Vita Sackville-West who planted it to cover the brick facade entry of Sissinghurst Castle. This rich rose red semi-double beauty shows a boss of golden stamens, repeats well and is unlike any climber we know.
(2006)  Page(s) 82.  
Alliance Franco-Russe . Tea. Rapid rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Tall basal canes...Goinard, 1893. (ex l'Haÿ) Bright, clear yellow, packed with petals that point outward as the flowers open. The new growth and stems are maroon-purple. Striking.
(2006)  Page(s) 215.  
Myriam ('Amazing Grace', 'Celebration') HT. Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit [diagram 4]. Cocker, 1992. [Provenance: Richard Schiell, Ca.]. A rose that I had wanted to grow since first seeing it in England in 1995. 'Myriam' has more of the look of an old Hybrid Perpetual about the flower than most of the English roses we grow. Very fragrant broad cups of regular formation, soft rose pink. An excellent healthy plant.
(2006)  Page(s) 268, 306 (photo).  Includes photo(s).
'Apple Blossom' (Dawson) Rambler. (Hybrid multiflora) No rebloom. Moderate fragrance. Habit -No. 5. Dawson, 1890. Provenance: Beales. Semi-double blush pink flowers with a white eye, fragrant and prolific, this is a very vigorous Rambler that blooms late in the season. We received this from Europe as Burbank's 'Apple Blossom', but believe it to correspond to the Jackson Dawson 'Apple Blossom' ....
(2006)  Page(s) 268.  
'Apple Blossom' G. A. Thomas gives an apt description of the single flowered pink that we have grown for some years and was collected at Burbank's Home.
(2006)  Page(s) 82.  
"Arcadia Louisiana Tea" ("Phil's Pink Cup Tea", "Legacy of Eliza Fountain") Tea. Rapid rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Tall basal canes... unknown, found...very large globular blooms with reflexing petals; soft amber-pink infused with peach and pale yellow, strongly Tea scented.
(2006)  Page(s) 268.  
"Arcata Pink Globe" Rambler. Fair Rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Lax and trailing. Unknown, found. Discovered in Arcata, California, a globular, blush-pink rose with long, rambling canes. I had thought this to be a climbing old Noisette type like Aimee Vibert Scandens, but now believe this to be a Rambler, perhaps an old Setigera hybrid.
(2006)  Page(s) 183.  
'Aromatic'. HT. Good reliable rebloom. Outstanding fragrance. Habit: 4. Belgium, 1970. Provenance: Pickering. A very fragrant rose which tends to cluster, flowers cupped, a blend of light and medium pinks with a satiny glow. We can find scant information about this rose; MR 10 fails to list it, even among the non-registered varieties.
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