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Australian Rose Annual
(1980)  Page(s) 71.  
Rose Nurseries Around the World.
p71 Ralph Moore: But it was some of my early varieties - 'Zee' (Polyantha seedling x 'Tom Thumb') and 'Magic Wand' (Eblouissant' x 'Zee') that really made things begin to happen. Also, a seedling ('Oakington Ruby'' x 'Floradora') which I crossed onto a seedling (Rosa Wichuriana x 'Floradora' - code No. 0-47-19) gave me such roses as 'Dian', 'Little Buckaroo', 'Red Germain'; and 'Westmont'.

p72. No. 0-47-19 (see above) x 'Little Burkaroo' [Buckeroo] gave 'Baby Ophelia' and others.

p72. From crossings of No. 0-47-19 x 'New Penny' came 'Little Fireball', 'Tiny Flame' and others.
(2013)  Page(s) 128.  Includes photo(s).
Hayden Foulds. ...Certificate of Merit... for [a] floribunda in lemon/yellow colourings 02-421-01.
(2013)  Page(s) 128.  Includes photo(s).
Hayden Foulds. Certificate of Merit to New Zealand breeder Bob Matthews for [a] floribunda in lemon/yellow colourings 02-464-01....
(1990)  Page(s) 21.  
E.F. Allen, Awards to Rose Seedlings in Great Britain in 1989. 
TG.208, 1-159C, is a Cluster Flower, without a code name, raised  by J. Twomey of USA, the flowers bright orange. The fine glossy foliage showed some Powdery Mildew in autumn. It has no scent but came No.6 in the public vote. Trial Ground Certificate.
p41 2011 National Rose Trial Garden Results For Trial planted winter 2009.
Bed No. 33. Bronze Medal. Davis Trophy for the Best Australian Bred Rose in 2011 Trial. Code: WALamel. Name 'Amelia' (syn '100 Not Out') Floribunda. Pink. Medium fragrance. Breeder and exhibitor: Richard Walsh

p67 Glynis Hayne. The Rose Society of NSW Inc.
I would like to acknowledge.....Richard Walsh and....for submitting their roses to be considered for the centenary rose. Congratulations to Richard Walsh for his rose being selected. With respect to the rose, it is now officially known as '100 Not Out'.
....Swane's Nursery and Finbarr O'Leary for their continued support of the RS of NSW and taking on the task of budding '100 Not Out'.
(2017)  Page(s) 92.  Includes photo(s).
Doug Hayne,  My Top Australian Bred Roses.
100 Not Out .....A grandiflora with mild fragrance,  a vigorous bush and a prolific bloomer.
(2001)  Page(s) 126.  
Colin P. Horner. The 2000 Trial Ground Awards in Great Britain. '1030-89' Ground cover (TG2451); crimson, bears very many clusters of single blooms, growth spreading up to 2ft x 4ft. Light scent. Seedling x NOAtraum Flower Carpet Pink. Noack. Germany.
(1992)  Page(s) 27.  
Colin P Horner, Awards to Rose Seedlings in Great Britain in 1991.
Three other Cluster Flower seedlings won Trial Ground Certificates, 1098-83 T.G. 451 a very bushy variety with huge inflorescences in deep pink with a white eye from Werner Noack.
(1995)  Page(s) 31.  
Colin P. Horner, The 1994 Rose Seedling Awards in Great Britain.
1134-87 (TG1125) a russet red Cluster Flower on a compact plant brought further success to Noack. 
(1992)  Page(s) 26.  
Colin P Horner, Awards to Rose Seedlings in Great Britain in 1991.
Other Gold Medal winners were 1195-84 T.G. 467 from Werner Noack, Germany, with a low growing Cluster Flower in white with the interesting parentage 'Immense' x 'Margaret Merril'. 
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