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Pemberton, Rev. Joseph Hardwick
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Initial post 1 FEB 12 by Laura Hill
Saint Francis Hospice is located in The Hall, Havering-atte-Bower (England), where the Rev Joseph Pemberton and his family lived for many years. We would like to bring all 49 of the Pemberton roses home to The Hall and are seeking help to find Bernice, Bertha Turner, Dorina Neave, Helen Taylor, Iris Patricia Green, Joan, Mary Monro, Miriam, Naomi, Rachel, Ruth, Galatea, The Adjutant. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 FEB 12 by jedmar
These roses seem to be extinct. You could contact member Winterliesel who has the largest Pemberton collection in Germany.
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Initial post 28 AUG 04 by Anonymous-797
We belong to a URC Longton, Stoke on Trent, and a friend of ours passed away recently (aged 50) She was, of course, called Anne. A group of 15 of us go away twice a year to a lovely little place called Warslow in the Derbyshire Area. We have asked permission to plant a rose there and would love one called Anne. Can you tell me where I can buy yours from please. I am away on hols from 1 pm today (Saturday) and will return in one week.

Please help if you can. It really would mean a lot to me to get a Rose in her name. Thank YOu
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 OCT 04 by HMF Admin
Did you use the rose search to find roses called Anne ? The rose display pages will list the available suppliers on the AVAILABLE AT tab. Also, you can a add rose to your Waiting/Wish list and we'll contact you when we locate a supplier.
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