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Gravereaux, Jules
'Gravereaux, Jules'  photo
Photo courtesy of Jeluma
Rose breeder   Listing last updated on 14 Jun 2024.
Jules Léopold GRAVEREAUX (May 1, 1844 Vitry-sur-Seine - March 23, 1916 Paris),
Chief executive of the department store "Le Bon Marché", eminent French rosarian, established the Roseraie de l'Haÿ, Officier de la Légion d'honneur, Commandeur du Mérite agricole (hence the title Commandeur Jules Gravereaux)

[From Rosen-Zeitung, 1900, Nr. 4 and 5, p. 71:] Mr. G. Gravereaux is informing us that he will organize an exhibition end of May 1902 in Paris of all existing Rugosa varieties and species. He asks for diligent support of all interested parties. We will be happy to assist the restless promoter of rose science and would like to ask owners of hybrid Rugosas and rare varieties for their message. The Editors.

[From Rosen-Zeitung, 1905, p. 45:] The Rugosa crossings of Sr. Müller have mostly gone into the possession of Mr. J. Gravereaux-L'Hay. They will be possibly commercialized as French cultivars. The same fate seems to bloom for the Persian Yellow crossings.

[From Rosa Rugosa, by Suzanne Verrier, p. 7:] Jules Gravereuax [was] an owner of the famous French department store Bon Marché, who retired and created the equally famous garden La Roseraie de l'Haÿ les-Roses at the turn of the century. Gravereaux sought to amass the most extensive rose collection in the world. His love of roses led from collecting to hybridizing; 'Rose à Parfum de l'Haÿ ' was [one] of his many rugosa hybrids.

[From The Old Rose Advisor, by Brent Dickerson, p. 220, this entry from the Revue Horticole:] Gravereux (Jules). -- Former administrator of 'Bon Marche', died in 1916 at the age of 71. Great rose fancier. He created in 1899 a magnificent rosarium at his estate at L'Hay (Seine).

[From Roll Call: The Old Rose Breeder, p. 203:]
Commandeur Jules Gravereaux
L'Haÿ-les-Roses, France
Lived 1841-1916

[From Rosenpersönlichkeiten, by Maria Mail-Brandt, 2018, p. 141] The French rose lover and breeder Gravereaux offered Müller to show 32 of his cultivars at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1902, which led to them being declared as French bred, as he also gave them French nams (e.g. 'Mme Ancelot', 'Georges Cain'). The most well-known was Müller's 'Les Rosati' which in fact is shown in "Les plus belles roses au début du XXe siècle" as a cultivar of L'Hay Les Roses from 1907....

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