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Paul (1841-1921), George
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Paul breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of scvirginia
photo from the 1915 Rose Annual, National Rose Society; scan courtesy of Hathi-Trust
Uploaded 27 JUL 21
Paul breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of CybeRose
The Gardeners' Chronicle, July 15, 1899
Uploaded 19 FEB 18
Paul breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of scvirginia
photo from Modern Roses II, 1940; scan courtesy of Hathitrust.
Uploaded 12 JUN 21
Paul breeder photo
Breeder photo courtesy of Rupert, Kim L.
1922 American Rose Annual George Paul, of Chesthunt, England. Mr. Paul introduced the first English Hybrid Tea rose, Chesthunt Hybrid, and many others. This photograph, made September 21, 1921, by Prof. E. A. White, shows him standing by his last introduction, Paul's Lemon-flowered Pillar. He died two weeks later at almost eighty years of age.
1 favorite vote.  
Uploaded 12 MAR 12
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