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Angel Gardens
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Initial post 30 APR 23 by Mi_gardn
Oh, boy was I pleased to find Pam on this site. I ordered two roses I lost years ago and have contracted to have several rooted for me. Pam gives superior customer service and rapid shipment. My Sexy Rexy rose came in good condition and I was ready with a spot in the garden. I can wait for for the others to root and feel comfortable this will be soon. I am a happy camper, thanks Pam!
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Initial post 16 SEP 22 by Angel Gardens
Rose Listing Omission



mauve very double 1.5" blooms
Seedling from R. Multiflora
raised by George MacPhail of Nova Scotia

Introduced by Angel Gardens
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 SEP 22 by jedmar
Thank you, will you add some photos? Is there are more precise breeding year?
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Initial post 1 APR 22 by Nixie
I Had Purchased 2 Mister Lincolns within a week of each other one off Amazon the other from Pamela

The bush from Angel Gardens Was in pristine Condition all 8 branches had been pruned clean and at perfect angles, each branch was thick yet green and healthy its full length, and the roots were in perfect health. I planted it the very next day after receiving and within 5 days the first sprout had appeared by the 8th(Yesterday) day all 8 branches had new healthy sprout growth. I could not be more pleased!!!

The other bush from a different nursery found on amazon gave me a great reference point, the branches were mostly flat cut one looked like it was partly chewed off. 5 stems 2 with some green at the base but mostly woody and dead for several inches from the cut. The bush is alive but has no growth yet and it was received several days prior it will live but it was a sad sight Compared to the obvious expertise and loving care the other Mister Lincon had received from Pamala at Angel Gardens.

Thank You Pamela from Nixie and rose lovers everywhere.
most recent 1 APR 22 HIDE POSTS
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