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Initial post 28 SEP 18 by perpetua
This picture has almost persuaded me to buy this rose!It's perfect.I noticed that in your previous pictures the bush was a lot taller and more sprawling.The flowers seemed fewer.In this picture it is more compact,lower and the flowers seem more numerous.Did you prune it harder after flowering to get this shape?It's gorgeous.
Reply #1 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I pruned it a little stronger in in autumn before covering. And next spring tied up more compact to a support (it is not visible behind the foliage).
Reply #2 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
I confess I didn't even think it could have a support!That's very ingenious.But I keep coming back to the pruning:do you prune twice,once immediately after flowering and the second time in autumn(mid-September?)?How hard is it pruned?One third,half,two thirds?I'm very new to Gallicas and I've also pruned mine this autumn,but they were planted in April,so I didn't dare to prune too much of them.Next summer,if all goes well,I plan to prune only once,after flowering and to prune about two thirds.Beginner worries! ps-by the way and completely off topic,I love your native language!
Reply #3 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Очень даже по теме! :) Я совсем не свободно владею английским, поэтому буду рада, если мы перейдем на Русский.

Сразу после цветения я не обрезаю. Обрезаю осенью на высоте около 1.20 - 1.50 м (проще поставить укрытие). Весной делаю санитарную и формирующую обрезку, вырезаю слишком старые ветки, если они загущают куст. Но я не с каждой своей галликой обхожусь таким образом, просто с этой так удобней, чтобы не выросла слишком крупной и высокой. Если её "отпустить на свободу" она займет большую площадь. Например, Charles de Mills я практически не режу совсем. Стоит отметить, что сезон 2017 и 2018 в наших краях были тяжелыми для роз, да и для других растений. Если летом 2017 было холодно и дождливо всё лето и розы, в том числе и старинные, зацвели на месяц позже обычного, то летом 2018 было засушливо и жарко, дождей почти не было, и некоторые галльские розы и другие старинные почти не цвели, независимо от обрезки и других манипуляций. Если интересно, у меня есть хронологический фотоальбом для розы, там есть фотографии по обрезке.
Reply #4 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
Perfectly on topic then!I'm glad you answered in Russian,but I'm afraid I will continue to reply in English,as I dont't have the Russian alphabet on my laptop and,even if I did,I would make so many spelling,grammar and vocabulary mistakes it would hurt your eyes!But please,please keep replying in Russian,I love seeing and reading it!Wow,I thought you pruned a lot harder,but 1,2 is very tall pruning to me,I guess I still need to get used to gallicas.I don't cover my roses,I just bury the graft.My Charles is my weakest gallica,much much smaller than all the rest,I thought there was something wrong with it,but as you say you never prune it,it means it's a slow variety.Yes,I know gallicas left to develop freely grow to become huge plants and that's a problem for me,as my garden definitely cannot accommodate a lot of big rose bushes.Where I live 2017 was simply amazing for roses,but in 2018 all my hybrid teas froze to the ground.Louise Odier,Reine Victoria had very little winter dieback,but Lamarque and Sombreuil also froze to the ground.We had an abnormally warm winter and then,in March,when roses had been budding like crazy,heavy snow and many degrees below zero.We then had another round of cold and snow in April.It was terrible,so I can relate when you say your old roses bloomed very little ,even if in your case it was the heat and the lack of rain that hurt them.Sorry again I can't reply in Russian,but it made my day when you answered in Russian,as the only Russian I see is in my Tolstoy books! ok,I've just clicked on the link you sent me and I must say Beau Narcisse is enormous!I could never allow mine to become that big.I'm actually beginning to worry,as I've planted my gallicas just 1m apart from each other.Oh,well,time will tell.
Reply #5 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Очень хорошо! Я буду отвечать на Русском. Читать на Английском мне довольно просто, а вот писать - сложнее.

Да, Charles de Mills не такой крупный, как Beau Narcisse, хотя и мелким его нельзя назвать. Он более гибкий, склоняется к земле, я ему тоже ставлю опоры (дуги), и он красиво ниспадает вниз. Его я обрезаю только санитарно, засохшие ветки, например, или концы веток, и только весной.

Чесnно говоря, я точно не измеряла, на какую высоту обрезаю Beau Narcisse, но точно выше метра.

Да, очень жаль, что весна у вас такая суровая выдалась в этом году. Надеюсь, Вашим розам удалось восстановиться за лето?
Reply #6 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
I have the exact same problem with Russian!I can read it quite well,but when it comes to speaking or writing in Russian,that's when the problems begin.I love charles de mills' flowers,the shape and the colour,but I'm not a big fan of drooping rose bushes.Sometimes I think I'm the only one who actively prefers upright bushes!Support seems a good idea though.It's ok,nobody measures the height of the roses after pruning,I just supposed it was lower,not higher than 1m.Yes,my roses recovered,but this cold spring has changed my mind about modern roses,hybrid teas especially;I now prefer old roses,as they were the ones that suffered the least this spring:no damage at all on my portlands and my one moss,salet,no damage on reine des violettes and mme joseph bonnaire was the only hybrid perpetual to have made it without dieback.Thank you for posting here and promoting old roses!
Reply #7 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Да, я тоже люблю старинные розы за их устойчивость и живучесть.
Reply #8 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
They are the best!
Reply #9 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Кстати, если будете выбирать белую старинную розу, обратите внимание на Madame Legras de St. Germain. У нее есть недостаток (в сырую погоду она не очень опрятно отцветает), но в пик цветения она просто потрясающая! И у неё очень приятный цитрусовый аромат.
Reply #10 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
Telepathy is definitely real!I was just contemplating asking you about mme legras because your plant is a goal to me!I planted mme legras this spring and so far it's...tiny and spindly.I must admit I haven't fertilized it yet,but will do so next year,so it can maybe take off.Everyone says Albas hate pruning,is it true?I've found that the harder I prune roses,the bushier they get,am I right?I am also thinking of buying La Neige(gallica) because I love white roses.Vierge de clery is another temptation.I don't think balling in wet weather is a big flaw.In my experience,white roses are particularly fragile;I lose about 2 flowerings on Jeanne Moreau,hybrid tea,and La Biche,noisette simply because the rain ruins them.They are,however,worth it.I must also mention Shailer's white moss and Leda;I've just ordered Leda,but I'm not sure about Shailer.
Reply #11 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Да, обрезка стимулирует рост новых побегов, боковых в том числе. Поэтому кусты становятся более пышными.

Я не знала и не слышала ничего о ненависти роз Альба к обрезке. Однако, свою Madame Legras de St. Germain я тоже почти не обрезаю, делаю весной только санитарную обрезку и удаляю старые ветки, если они загущают куст. На зиму я её пригибаю под укрытие, стараюсь сохранить ветки целиком, т.к. она цветёт практически по всей их длине и мне просто не хочется терять такое цветение. Честно говоря, моя обрезка старинных роз практически одинакова для всех и не зависит от их вида или сорта. Возможно это не правильно, но я действую чисто интуитивно. Если чувствую, что куст уже сильно загущен и "задыхается" - прореживаю (весной), если слишком крупный и мешает соседним розам - режу осенью наполовину примерно, а весной снова санитарная обрезка и прореживание по необходимости.
Reply #12 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
Perpetua, You will love 'Leda' it is a beautiful rose. It is always healthy and should grow very well in your climate.
Reply #14 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
I hope so!I still not sure if it's an alba or a damask(not that I could appreciate the difference!),but so far the love of my summer has been cuisse de nymphe emue.I'm so enthusiastic that I plan to get her big sister,cuisse de nymphe,just to see for myself the potential similarities and differences!
Reply #15 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
It is a Damask. 'Hebe's Lip' has a similar style to 'Leda' but is semi-double. They both smell amazing.
With these older roses I try not to have any wood older than two years. All the new growth I never prune. Tall shoots are pegged down. After these have flowered I prune back just the bare minimum beyond dead heading. They are allowed to flower for another year then they are pruned back to a healthy new shoot. Even Alba roses I find flower better if I prune back the shoots after three years. Apart from any dead wood I only prune these once flowering roses in summer and then give a good feed of fish blood and bone too.
Reply #18 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
My head is swimming right now!If only I hadn't pruned my gallicas that soon!Thank you too for taking the time to advise beginners and I hope I won't get terribly mixed-up when my albas and my gallicas get old enough to need pruning!I honestly hope I'm strong enough not to mess with them prematurely.
Reply #19 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
If all you do is remove the old twiggy growth you will not go far wrong. I give a feed of bone meal and a little lime in November. I feed fish blood and bone in April with some manure and my own compost. Then another sprinkle of fish blood and bone after I prune in July.
Reply #20 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
that's just it!I doubt I'll be able to resist trying to ''improve'' their shape by pruning...also,I don't like floppy bushes with overhanging branches and droopy flowers,so you can see why I would be tempted to overprune gallicas.I try to select only upright ones,but it's not as easy as it will maybe realize how dangerous I am(to my roses,that is)if I tell you,contritely,that I used the bits I pruned as cuttings and I actually covered them with cut bottles,in an insane attempt to get own-roots from less than one year old gallicas!This seemed to me a great ideea at the time.Funny thing is,more than two weeks afterwards,the cuttings seem to be doing quite well.Naturally,their fate is still uncertain,as they have to survive winter,but so far,so good. ps-I even tried to root a mme hardy cutting,only because I'd read it's almost impossible to do it!
Reply #21 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
'Tuscany' has an upright growth like 'Charles de Mills'. You will find that Gallicas will send out suckers when grown on their own roots. Be careful not to prune too hard or you might be loosing flowers.
Reply #22 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
tuscany superb(is the growth different?) is on my wishlist for a rose order I've been trying to decide on for months!I am very tempted by roses that seem very obscure,like Octavie-gallica,Minerve-gallica but sadly sold out,comtesse bresson-hp,comtesse de falloux-hp.I'm so gallica mad right now,I've started to uproot h.teas to make room for more.
Reply #23 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
I like 'Tuscany' better than 'Tuscany Superb' because it has a strong scent but 'Tuscany Superb' has a bigger better shaped flower. 'Camieux' is very rewarding too.
Reply #24 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
yes,I'd already seen this picture and faved it too,by the way!Thank you for bearing with me and for giving me so much information!I love striped roses,I have ferdinand pitchard,broceliande,ines sastre,mme d'hebray,tricolore des flandres,variegata di bologna,the last two are very young and I'm tempted by camaieux,mecene,georges vibert,honorine de brabant.If only my garden were bigger!ideally, i would buy both tuscanies,the older one for the scent and the younger one for the bigger flowers and the yellow stamens,but as things are in my life right now,I'm lucky to fit even one of them into my garden and my budget!
Reply #25 of 28 posted 30 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
I have a great fondness for striped roses. If you want suckers from 'Camieux' and 'Rosamundi' I can send you some. Another I have had good results with is 'Scentimental' which is very healthy has good scent and repeats well too. I just ordered 'Centifolia Variegata' for this autumn.
Reply #27 of 28 posted 30 SEP 18 by perpetua
I too love striped roses!Favorite so far is V.d.Bologna,even though it's very young;it managed to produce its first rose this summer and I thought it was perfect.Thank you for your offer,but I'm seriously running out of place in my garden!I'm trying to make room for the many roses I've ordered so far and the many I will order this month.I have also stuck cuttings in every and any possible spot I could find,and as I'm not organized at all,next summer I will have lots of fun trying to identify the cuttings!If they survive,that is.I've recently come across oeillet panache/moss and it was love at first sight;I have no centifolias yet,I'd like rosa x centifolia,chapeau de napoleon looks so sweet,la rubannee(lightly striped) intrigues me and belle vilageoise(striped) is a must.Sadly,even if the money falls out of the sky,my garden will be full by next year.I've actually begun,reluctantly,I might add,to uproot unsatisfactory modern roses in order to make room for old ones,but unless I eventually uproot them all,the space I'm creating is still limited.I've heard of scentimental,the pictures look good too,but the only thing holding me back is that it's not an old rose...Silly,but I can't help it.Kordes have another striped rose,Abracadabra,if I'm not mistaken,I've been wanting it for a long time,but I can't get over the fact that it's modern.
Reply #26 of 28 posted 30 SEP 18 by Andrew from Dolton
Do you know the book, ROSA GALLICA by Suzanne Verrier? She has written ROSA RUGOSA too. I bought them very cheaply second hand from Amazon. They are really good.
Reply #28 of 28 posted 30 SEP 18 by perpetua
yes I do!I've recently bought it at your suggestion and I thank you for recommending it!However,(it's so easy to criticize,isn't it?)I wish it went into more details about specific roses,I guess it's a beginner thing,I wish it singled them out a bit.Gallicas are completely new to me,so maybe that's why I need information that experienced gardeners take for granted.The only rugosa I like is Agnes,so I guess I should buy the rugosa book too,in order to get a new perspective on this type of rose.I wish someone wrote a book on Moss roses though,as I absolutely adore them;I don't know that I'm qualified to say so,as I grow only Salet,but it's one of my favorites:bushy,compact(needs hard pruning to achieve this though),floriferous,winter-hardy,shade tolerant(I grow it under a walnut tree!),I can't think of a single flaw,perhaps a the flower can be a bit muddled and the petals are rather on the thin side?But that doesn't bother me at all.Mme louis leveque,soupert et noting,cpt.john ingram,deuil de paul fontaine,james mitchell,henri martin,william lobb,oeillet panache and zoe,if I mistake not,are on my wishlist,no ideea where I can fit them though.
Reply #13 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
My worst fears are confirmed:pruning is ultimately an intuitive process.It was mostly on the internet that I read Albas didn't like to be pruned.I've realized that I'm very prone(sklonna k ?) to pruning,so this might be a problem with some old roses.You confirm that you prune mme legras very lightly,so now I'm really afraid to start hacking away at it,when it's big enough to take it.I also have Mme hardy and she's not very healthy or very vigorous for that matter.Her only excuse is that she's very very young,maybe things will change next year.I don't cover any of my roses,so I respect the fact that you take the time to do it.Thank you for your pruning tips,I sure need them,as I'm always afraid to thin out roses! I prune my portlands and my h.perpetuals almost as low as I prune my h.teas,and I've read many articles that say they too should be pruned only lightly,or just 1/3.
Reply #16 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Конечно, нельзя обрезать старинные розы так же, как чайно-гибридные. Их обрезка, как мне кажется, ближе к обрезке шрабов или плетистых (если искать аналог среди современных видов). Старинные розы входят в свою силу на 3-й, 4-й год, до этих лет лучше их обрезать только санитарно (удалять засохшее и/или больное). Потом можно поэкспериментировать с чуть более низкой, или чуть более лёгкой обрезкой, но всё равно, стричь их нужно гораздо легче, чем чайно-гибридные, не более, чем на половину высоты. Иначе будет страдать качество цветения.
Reply #17 of 28 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
So it was a mistake to prune my couple of months old gallicas!Well,live and learn,I guess...I hope to be able to resist the temptation to experiment until they're 3 years old.Thank you for taking the time to teach ignorant beginners!
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Initial post 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
Is this Dinky?
Reply #1 of 4 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Нет. Предположительно это Alberich, хотя куплен как Fairy Dance, но оказался пересортом.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
Well,I don't know about you,buy that's a mistake I wouldn't mind at all!It's unbelievable how similar it is to Dinky though.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 29 SEP 18 by Nastasia
Да я в восторге от этой розы, и не важно как она называется. :)
Reply #4 of 4 posted 29 SEP 18 by perpetua
I'm ecstatic too,and just from a picture of it,I can imagine what seeing it live would be like!
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Initial post 19 SEP 15 by Jay-Jay
Can You tell which beautiful rose this is? Можете ли вы сказать что красивые розы это?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 21 SEP 15 by Nastasia
It is William Shakespeare 2000.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 21 SEP 15 by Jay-Jay
Thank You.
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Initial post 14 JUL 14 by enchantedrose
Hi Nastasia, What a beautiful photo of your Caramella Fairy Tale rose. What is the dark orange rose in the background? The color is striking.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 JUL 14 by Nastasia
Hi Sharon!

it`s Decor Arlequin,
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