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20 JUL 09
Something scary has disfigured my wild rose in the backyard. curling of leaves, insane reddish color--looks like might be witches' brooms. I'll have to look up what it is, but I fear it is bad.
My garden roses continue to bloom despite some lingering blackspot, but is beginning to get under control. Eglantyne is a gorgeous rose, with lots of blooms. Mme. Isaac Periere still hasn't bloomed. Pretty Jessica has yet to bloom--both new plants. First bud appeared on Rene d'Anjou.
18 JUL 09
Received my shipment from Nor'East Roses-- Carmela, Dresden Doll (arrived blooming!), Fuzzy Wuzzy Red (with buds!), Mood Music (with blooms), Precious Dream (with buds), Strawberry Swirl, and Warm & Fuzzy. I'm so excited! well-packed small box. Some yellowing of leaves while in shipment, but all look good so far.
30 JUN 09
Nor'East Roses were so kind as to let me substitute moss roses for my original order when more roses were added to the site, despite having an overwhelming influx of orders. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this nursery.
22 JUN 09
New leaves are coming out on all the roses that were eaten by the rose sawfly. I have high expectations of recovery and pretty bushes soon.
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