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Mille Fleurs
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Initial post 14 MAY 22 by Mille Fleurs
Having grown both ‘York Street Yellow’ and ‘Soeur Thérèse’, I believe these are the same rose. It’s a delicate, graceful rose with a tough constitution and great subtlety of color.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 MAY 22 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Mille Fleurs. I have added a Note to “York Street Yellow”. Hopefully others will comment as well.
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Initial post 17 MAY 16 by Auntie_S
This looks like a gorgeous rose, and obviously does well in cold conditions., but I am wondering how it does in heat? We are in an inland valley in California where summer temps are often above 90. Thanks!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 MAY 17 by Mille Fleurs
I had Rhode Island Red in Minnesota and took it with me when we moved back to Georgia. It has done fine in the heat and humidity so far (three years). It appreciates afternoon shade, though. The bright, hot sun here tends to fry the edges of many deep red flowers.
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Initial post 14 MAY 16 by Mille Fleurs
Saw and smelled this one for the first time at a local rose show today. It was entered in the Fragrance category and deservedly won a first place ribbon! Some people said it had a spicy fragrance to them. To me it smelled like jasmine tea. Wonderful! I wanted to drink it in!
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Initial post 13 OCT 12 by zwerggarten
very nice colour, warm and sunny... do the flowers have any fragrance?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 SEP 13 by Mille Fleurs
'Bill Reid' does have fragrance, but it is that odd smell similar to 'Suzanne' and some other hardy roses--not the fragrance of 'Golden Celebration.' (I know everyone's nose picks up rose scents a little differently, though.) The flowers are large, a very nice unfading yellow with deeper golden edges, and repeat bloom is good. 'Bill Reid' is moderately thorny and sets hips. In my climate (Twin Cities, Minnesota zone 4) it has gotten some blackspot on the lower leaves, but did not defoliate and has kept on growing and blooming.
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