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1 APR 21
Finally getting around to pruning out the winter dieback from my big antique teas. Some of my largest roses are bigger than 8x8 and I had to cut them down to one or two main stems barely 4 feet high. They look absolutely butchered. I hope they don't mind. :(
19 FEB 21
(Last updated April 30, 2022)

I should note that before Winter Storm Uri, everything was actively growing and blooming. Days were mostly in the 60s and 70s with nights in the 40s or 50s. Technically, almost everything is brown and ugly right now, so I'm only listing those which look worse than everything else.

Roses Looking at Death's Door:
Svr. Pierre Notting (pruned to the ground) RECOVERED!
Puerto Rico (pruned to the ground)- limping along
Lady Hillingdon (pruned to the ground- recovered)
Sui Mei Ren (pruned to the ground- DIED)
Temple Musk (pruned to the ground- DIED)

Damaged Roses:
George Washington Richardson (severely pruned- recovered)
Liv Tyler (severely pruned- recovered)
Trinity (severely pruned- recovered)
Duquesa (recovered)
Madame Scipion Cochet- DIED July
Lady Pamela Carol (pruned to the ground- recovered)
Rainbow (pruned to the ground) -- DIED June
White Maman Cochet (severely pruned- recovered)
Niles Cochet (severely pruned)- limping along
Svr de Francois Gaulain-- DIED Aug
Homere (pruned to the ground- recovered)
Old Gay Hill Red China (severely pruned- recovered)
Clementina Carboneri (recovered)
Jesse Hildreth (pruned to the ground) -- DIED Mar
Snowbird (severely pruned)- limping along
Abraham Darby (severely pruned) - DIED
Rock Hill Peach Tea #2- (severely pruned)- DIED JUL

Maman Cochet, Safrano, William R Smith, Rosette DeLizy, Mme Antoine Mari, Mme Berkeley and Le Vesuve are planted in probably the worst possible location for this freeze- no protection at all from the north wind. I put them here originally because they were extremely vigorous and as it turns out, extremely heat and drought tolerant. They've been planted for 7 years and look simply awful. Luckily, today I saw that they have dropped most of their leaves, and when I scratched their canes the inside was a nice, neon green. Hopefully they'll make it. (All recovered)

Update 4/30/2022- Dead plants from Uri are Peach Swirl, Bolero, Oklahoma, Grace de Monaco, Sui Mei Ren, Jesse Hildreth, Duke of Edinburg, Red Pinocchio, Amelia Earhart, Candy Spelling, Dainty Bess, Moonlight Magic, WS2000, Hoag House Cream, Tuscan Sun, Twilight Zone, Pulich Children, Fragrant Plum, Alfred Sisely, Sui Mei Ren, Veteran's Honor, Buff Giant, Montezuma, Temple Musk, Rainbow, Svr, Francois de Gaulain, Abraham Darby, Rock Hill Peach Tea, Madame Scipion Cochet and Pretty Lady Rose. Plus a few of my own seedlings.
19 FEB 21
Hoo boy, just toured the garden and it's looking like a massacre. Too soon to know for sure, of course, and I was overwhelmed and not taking pictures or taking notes about what looks fine vs. what will likely have severe dieback. I did note that many (maybe even most) of the modern roses looked to be in good shape. The teas are the ones in the most trouble. It got down to 15 degrees in La Porte (12 officially in Houston) and stayed under 30 for two days, no snow cover though a few were ensconced in ice (I know for sure Lady Hillingdon was totally covered in ice on Monday, but man does she look bad today!). I had all of my potted roses in an unheated temporary greenhouse made out of pvc and plastic sheeting (lol) and they all look just fine., so that's good. I'll take another, better look later today after the shock wears off and get some pictures of the mush. One more freeze tonight below 30 and warm weather returns. It will be back in the 70s next week, which is normal February weather for us. The last time we had a cold snap this severe was more than 30 years ago.. We don't have the infrastructure to deal with this at all!

In related news, I brought in several hundred potted plants to the house last week before all this started, and they are eager to get back outside. We never lost power, thank goodness, but our pipes are a mess and we won't have water till they get repaired (and it doesn't look to be an easy fix). Luckily, we set plastic containers under the drip line of the house to catch rain water and melting ice, so my plants are getting something, at least. We also broke up and collected ice the morning before the temps were set to rise above freezing, so we have that too.
15 FEB 21
It is 18 degrees and snowing a little this morning in La Porte, TX (east of Houston). Ice last night. I only covered one little rose, Sui Mei Ren, and put my potted roses in an unheated greenhouse. Went outside with the dogs a while ago, and the only rose that looked upset so far was Jesse Hildreth, who had half way turned brown overnight. I covered him once I saw that, but I'm kicking myself for not covering him yesterday when I had the chance. I hope I didn't make a mistake by leaving my potted roses outside, instead of bringing them into the house (with everything else- it's a jungle in here!).
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