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22 MAR 18
MARCH 22ND!!! 2018 Still haven't spring pruned anything,as it snowed only a few days ago and temperatures are still negative during the night.Flowering will be awfully late for me this year and potentially compromised in quality too,as we had some terrible frosts in February,after a very warm winter:most roses were already sporting chunky buds and the frost got to the roses through the buds.I'm afraid I'll have to prune them nearly to the ground.Sombreuil looks very brown,I hate to think it froze,but it looks quite bad to my untrained eyes;it will take me another 4 yrs at least to grow another one!On the plus side,a lot of ancient roses have miraculously made it without freezing:Madame Joseph Bonnaire(HP)is looking so green I can't believe it,the Portlands are intact,Louise Odier is also undamaged.However,a lot of my modern roses look frozen to the ground.Oh,well,this just strengthened my resolve to grow mostly ancient roses
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