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Initial post 7 AUG 22 by Eirose
According to the website, they ship to many countries all year round, including EU and Swiss customers.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 8 AUG 22 by Lens Roses ®
Yes, that's correct. We ship roses bare root to EU countries, this includes Norway, UK and Switzerland. If a phytosanitary certificate is necessary, this is an extra cost. Even outside EU we can ship if the country requirements allow it. For more information, please contact us.
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Initial post 22 JUL 22 by Lens Roses ®
Rose Listing Omission

Prince Charles de Luxembourg and Marc's Jubilee

Dear Mr, Mrs,
Yesterday I send some information about a recent creation, Prince Charles de Luxembourg' of Lens Roses that is not noted in Help me Find.
Prince Charles de Luxembourg is now mentioned as a synonym for our rose 'Marc's Jubilee' but that's not correct.
Can you verify please? I think it's me who made the mistake, I'm sorry.
Marc's Jubilee= floribunda,orange Vel17fgafe. That's not correct in HMF. Prince Charles de Luxembourg is Vel17mpada, a pink hybrid musk, shrub.
I will try to put other varieties that are in our catalogue on your website in the in the missing plants section and join the photos after the rose is on HMF.
Thank you in advance,
Ann Velle
Reply #1 of 1 posted 22 JUL 22 by jedmar
Yes, we explained yesterday that the varietal denomination vel17mpada was already used for 'Marc's Jubilee' on your website, as well as on the websites of various other nurseries. We had based vel17mpada = Marc's Jubilee in information from your website in 2019. We will change this now to vel17gafe as per your post, but you need to do the same, as well as inform your distributors.
In the Palmares of Nyon 2022, the varietal code was given as MPADA VEL19. We understand that 19 is incorrect.
We have added 'Prince Charles de Luxembourg' and look forward to photos.
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Initial post 21 JUL 22 by Lens Roses ®
Rose Listing Omission

Prince Charles de Luxembourg

introduced by Lens Roses 2020
breeder: Ann Velle-Boudolf
Group: hybrid musk
colour pink
fragrance: slight
flowers diameter 2 cm, double 35 petals
double flowers, spherical shape
Flowers through the season
good as a cut flower
height 80-100 cm
Width: 60 cm
dark green leaves, semi brilliant, 7 leaflets
Large clusters
- Le Roeulx (BE) , 2019 , Certificat of Merit
- Baden-Baden (DE), 2020 , Silver medal Shrubs
- Baden-Baden (DE), 2020 , Honorary prize of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
- Hradec Kralove (CZ) , 2021 , Honourable Mention
- Nyon (CH) , 2022 , Golden medal
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 JUL 22 by jedmar
We have listed vel17mpada = 'Marc's Jubilee' (2018) as per your website. 'Prince Charles de Luxembourg' is clearly a different rose. One of the varietal denominations must be incorrect. Please clarify.
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Initial post 3 AUG 20 by Lens Roses ®
Dear rosefriend,
This photo is not correct. Beauregard has single multicoloured flowers. This photo could be 'Walferdange'
Best regards
Ann, Lens Roses
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