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Taschenbuch des verständigen Gärtners
(1824)  Page(s) 1141.  
R. alba...rose à coeur vert...with greenish white petals which have a fully green center...
(1824)  Page(s) 1141.  
R. alba...R. à feuilles de chànvre, the hemp-leaved rose, with smooth stems without prickles, with leaflets whitish and pubescent underneath, white, double blooms, standing together or in the axes of the leaves, with simple, elongated sepals.
(1824)  Page(s) 1252.  
New varieties of the French Rose (Rosa gallica):
Velvety ...Achille...
(1824)  Page(s) 1138.  
R. provincialis...Agathe de Francfort, pink, very double blooms in nemerous dense clusters
(1824)  Page(s) 1138.  
R. provincialis...Agathe or Rose du Portugal with very well-behaved blooms
(1824)  Page(s) 1137.  
R. provincialis...Agathe de Provence, a variety of the former [Agathe royale], with paler blooms...
(1824)  Page(s) 1138.  
R. provincialis...Rose Marie-Louise, probably the white rose Provence of the English, medium size, double, white, slightly shaded pink, quite numerous blooms, form a very dense bush.
(1824)  Page(s) 1137.  
R. provincialis...Agathe prolifère, double, medium size blooms, from the centre of which 1 or 2 buds proliferate, which seldom expand.
(1824)  Page(s) 1137.  
R. provincialis...Agathe royale, numerous double, large, vivid pink blooms
(1824)  Page(s) 1136.  
M. Noisette has given us a list of new varieties..Velvety....aquila nigra
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