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The Rose Garden (Tenth Ed. 1903)
(1910)  Page(s) 192.  
Abbé Bramerel Hybrid Perpetual... among the best roses of 1871...
(1910)  Page(s) 195.  
Abbe Garroute (Tea-scented), coppery yellow, shaded carmine-rose. [Paul lists it as one of the "New Roses of 1902-1903.]
(1910)  Page(s) 305.  
Abbé Thomasson Tea; flowers salmon, with coppery centre, shading off to yellowish white at the edges of the petals.
(1910)  Page(s) 278.  
Abel Carriere flowers rich velvety maroon, shaded with violet, large, full, and finely shaped. One of the best.
(1910)  Page(s) 192, 278.  
Abel Grand among the best roses of the 1860s... flowers rosy blush, large, full, and free...
(1910)  Page(s) 310.  
Adam Tea. ...Raised by M. Adam at Rheims. Introduced about 1838.
(1910)  Page(s) 195.  
Adelaide Moulle (Wichuraiana), lilac rose, carmine centres. [Paul lists it as one of the "New Roses of 1902-1903.]
(1910)  Page(s) 193, 334.  
Adelina Viviand Morel introduced between 1874 and 1902...

p. 334: Adelina Viviand Morel [Noisette]; flowers canary yellow edged with carmine; variable, and at times very pretty.

(1910)  Page(s) 325.  
Adine [Hybrid Tea]; flowers orange-yellow, the base mixed with rose and carmine; large, full, and of good form; growth moderate.
(1910)  Page(s) 325.  
Admiral Dewey [Hybrid Tea]; a beautiful light blush sport from 'Caroline Testout'; flower of good size; plant vigorous. A very good addition to this group.
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