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'Belle Évêque' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 7 JAN 20 by CybeRose
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51: 4990-4994. (2003)
Origin of the Color of Cv. 'Rhapsody in Blue' Rose and Some Other So-called “Blue” Roses.
Jean-François Gonnet

Cyanin is probably "trapped" into AVIs at higher concentrations than would be possible in a vacuolar solution and in quinonoidal form, appearing purple-blue because of additional absorption in the 580-630 nm area. Quite similar pigmentation features were found in very ancient rose cultivars (cv. L’Evêque or Bleu Magenta), also displaying this type of so-called "blue" color.
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Initial post 1 JUN 15 by pvaldes
The richest purple fading to slate grey color. This rose is jaw-dropping. (A little dark to see from some distance maybe).
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Initial post 28 AUG 06 by Bill Raimond
30 years ago we purchased a rose from Blossoms and Bloomers that was called 'The Bishop'.  However, I'm not sure of the name .  My Bishop  is a very heavy bloomer.  You can't see the foliage or canes due to the enormous amounts of blooms that   cover the shrub in the spring.  The primary canes are about 8 foot long with laterals of about 5 foot long.  The canes are upright and slender with few thorns and small foliage.  The blooms are cupped, having many petals the color of rose-crimson to purple showing on "occasion" a blue-violet tone that fades away to gray when we have an unusually warm/hot spring.  Bloom size can range from 2.5 inches to 3 inches.  This rose is not very susceptible to Blackspot.  The rose is also very drought tolerant.  Please note: This rose has never been watered in my garden.  It grows in a shady area getting about 4 hours of sun.  I'm not to sure of the name, the bush appears to be much larger then described in the various catalogs; if anyone has any suggestions at all, those suggestions would be appreciated.  I can't provide a photo at this time.  But it appears to look like or is very similar to the  portrait of 'The Bishop' in Redoute. Once again, any help in identifying this rose would be appreciated.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 20 APR 11 by Hardy
If it's not The Bishop, it might be Tour de Malakoff. That gets pretty huge, and is otherwise fairly similar.
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Initial post 25 FEB 04 by Anonymous-797
the rose in the center, is a verey dark purple, what name is correct from the list.
their are 16 names
belle eveque through the bishop
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 MAY 03 by The Old Rosarian
The Bishop is a very old Centifolia and so has many common names given to it by gardeners in different areas. The Bishop is what it goes by in most books and the other name is Le Rosier Eveque which isn't used much.
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