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'A. Mackenzie' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 25 APR 19 by Rob Byrnes
Shouldn't the pollen parent be listed as 'Red Dawn x Suzanne', much like in the seed parentage of Felix Leclerc?
Reply #1 of 6 posted 26 APR 19 by Margit Schowalter
Hi Rob

The rose 'Red Dawn x Suzanne' was not the direct pollen parent. Dr. Svejda made two successive open pollinated selections from 'Red Dawn x Suzanne'.

'Red Dawn x Suzanne' was designated as "S45". The letter S being for breeding stock supplied by Robert Simonet.

The first open pollinated selections from 'Red Dawn x Suzanne' (S45) became seedlings D07 and D08.

Then two open pollinated seedlings from D07 were selected and designated D15 and D25.

D15 became the pollen parent of 'Alexander MacKenzie'.

"From open pollination of 'Red Dawn x Suzanne' I selected D07 and D08. D07 was not remarkable in itself but the offspring from open pollination, D15 and D25, were excellent parents. D15 produced 'A. Mackenzie'. D15 was the progenitor of 'William Baffin'. D25 was the pollen parent of U11 now named 'Felix Leclerc'. U11 was the pollen parent of 'Captain Samuel Holland', 'Quadra' and 'Frontenac'.

D08 had double, soft pink flowers, was very hardy and flowered repeatedly. It was highly resistant to powdery mildew but was somewhat susceptible to blackspot. It was pollen parent of 'Champlain' which in turn produced 'George Vancouver' and 'Louis Jolliet'. D08 was also the progenitor of 'John Davis', which in turn produced 'Lambert Closse' and 'Royal Edward'. Another Simonet hybrid was S67. It was the progenitor of Quadra, 'Frontenac' and 'Nicolas'. With the progress of the breeding program the pedigree became more complex."

Dr. Svejda
Page 31, The Canadian Explorer Roses

For example: Agriculture Canada describes 'John Davis' this way:
"'John Davis originated from the open pollination of a seedling from a cross between R. Kordesii and a line originating from a cross between Red Dawn and Suzanne."
Reply #2 of 6 posted 27 APR 19 by jedmar
Thank you for this reference and clarification. Adding the seedlings D08, D25 and E12 simplifies some of the parentages greatly. Some further questions:
- Is 'Red Dawn' x 'Suzanne' always S45? (Or were there several similar crosses used in further breeding?)
- The parentage of 'John Davis' as we have now does not show the link to D08, nor the link to the descendant 'Royal Edward'. It would be great to have the proper seedlings in place.
- Can we also replace s67 x 'Von Scharnhorst'; R. kordesii x 'Applejack'; R. kordesii x S45 by specific seedlings?
Reply #3 of 6 posted 28 APR 19 by Margit Schowalter
In Dr. Svedja's breeding notes she would write the Red Dawn and Suzanne op crosses this way:

((Red Dawn x Suzanne)op)op

Yes she did designate codes for the other crosses you asked about. I have sent you further information direct which should clarify this.
Reply #6 of 6 posted 28 APR 19 by jedmar
Thank you, Margit! I have added all the information about the seedlings from the graphs. The relationships among Svejda's roses are now much clearer. It would be nice to have a better grasp on the timing of their breeding.
Reply #4 of 6 posted 28 APR 19 by Margit Schowalter
There was only one Red Dawn x Suzanne plant shared by Mr. Simonet.
Reply #5 of 6 posted 28 APR 19 by Rob Byrnes
Thank you Margit for the explanation and for providing Dr. Svejda's writings. It's very helpful.
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Initial post 1 AUG 17 by Sambolingo
Available from - Old Market Farm
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Initial post 27 DEC 10 by PaulG
David Zlesak has confirmed this to be a triploid. Here is a post from the RHA forum.
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Initial post 28 NOV 10 by York Rose
The Montreal Botanical Garden continues to recommend this rose as resistant to blackspot, powdery mildew, and rust:
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