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'Agatha Incarnata' rose References
Book  (2020)  Page(s) 151.  
Erroneously named and unidentified rose varieties at the Europa-Rosarium.
Gallica...'Agatha Incarnata' (unknown, before 1811)
Book  (2012)  Page(s) 55.  
Provins rose dite Agathes...R. Agathe Marie Louise, holl., Duchesse d'Angoulême, de q.q. amateurs
Book  (2005)  Page(s) 155.  
Quotes Pronville, 'Nomenclature resonnee', 1818, no 72, p. 50, identifying 'Marie Louise' as a synonym for 'Agathe incarnata' and goes on to write that its name was changed to 'Duchesse d'Angouleme' in 1815.
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 67.  Includes photo(s).
‘Agathe Incarnata’ = Gallique – rose moyen. Malgré l’aspect délicat de ses fleurs, ce beau rosier se range parmi les plus rustiques… ces pétales supportent mal la pluie... Introduit depuis près de 2 siècles, ce rosier n’a jamais cessé de plaire. Avant 1811. Gallica inconnu x Damas inconnu.
Book  (Dec 1998)  Page(s) 67.  Includes photo(s).
Agatha Incarnata Gallica. Parentage: Unknown Gallica x Unknown Damask. Description... pale, soft pink blooms... flat, often quartered flowers with a pronounced button eye in the center...
Book  (Jul 1998)  Page(s) 63.  
AGATHE INCARNATA, Before 1811. Synonyms: Agathe carnée. Agathe Marie-Louise (ca. 1811-1814). Duchesse d'Angoulême (after 1818). Jolie Rose Pierret (1820).
Habit: a less upright shrub than the gallica type ; 1,20 m high, sometimes more ; prckles. Foliage : abundant, grey-green, velvety ; elliptical leaflets, ...Bloom :medium size, double, flat, quartered ; rumpled petals ; small button-eye in the centre ; long sepals. Colour : light pink. Fragrance : Strong.
The origins of "Agatha incarnata" are unknown. It is probably a hybrid variety of Gallica and Damask, coming from Holland. Guerrapain notes it in his Almanach from 1811 onwards. It was probably in the collection of the empress Joséphine, at Malmaison and was painted by Redouté under the name Rosa gallica "agatha incarnata", in French, "L'Agathe carnée".
Book  (1997)  Page(s) 137.  
('Agathe Incarnata') Description and vital statistics. [Beales'] particular clone seems fairly distinct but occasionally similar cultivars crop up for identification, suggesting that others once existed as garden cultivars. Graham Stuart Thomas suggests Damask influence in the 'Agathe' type Gallicas.
Book  (Nov 1994)  Page(s) 28.  
Prior to 1815. An ancient variety probably hybridized with a Damask Rose. Similar to Rosa Damascena 'Petite Lisette' and 'Omar Khayyám'. The grey-green downy leaves point to the Damask group, as also the prickly shoots up to 4 feet in height. Button eye, pale pink.
Book  (Sep 1993)  Page(s) 39.  Includes photo(s).
Parentage unknown. Flowers: soft pink, usually borne in clusters, quartered, fragrant. Grows to about 5 ft. Thorny, possibly indicating the influence of the Damask Rose in its breeding. Probably introduced around the same time as 'Agathe'.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 4.  
Agatha Incarnata Gallica, pink, Cultivated before 1815. Description.
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