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'Blaze' rose Reviews & Comments
Discussion id : 91-075
most recent 23 FEB 16 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 FEB 16 by Michael Garhart
I almost forgot about this rose. You used to see it everywhere. It was like KO as a climber, but less healthy, of course. Meaning, it was everywhere! Body bags. Old yards. Landscapes. And, then, it suddenly disappeared.

There were 2 at my old home. It took eons to dig them out. Their roots were so massive. Like giant anchors, delving 5' across.

It was not a bad rose, per se. It bloomed okay. It was easier to grow than dandelions. But, it lacked any sort of grace, which is why I disliked it. A bit of a red beast, really.
Discussion id : 77-762
most recent 22 APR 14 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 22 APR 14 by goncmg
Oh yes, a terror of blackspot but one of those, again, that seems to understand it gets it and just survives. 80 years old and nothing like it----the color is maybe the only true SCARLET rose that exists. Able to bloom well on new wood, in a cold cllimate it will behave much like a floribunda, getting to a nice size but not climbing, blooming happily and eagerly in big trusses and nice clusters.
Discussion id : 26-468
most recent 26 MAY 08 SHOW ALL
Initial post 16 MAY 08 by jdsong
Mine is showing some black spot I gave it Bayer All in One Drench but still has blackspot.. Its a nice size climber and has many blooms ready to open on it but how do i stop the blackspot from taking over the whole bush!!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 26 MAY 08 by Wendy C
Blaze is notorious for black spot. If no other bush in the garden has it, this one will.

I remove all of the leaves which are showing infection. You don't need to prune at all, just the leaves. Then spray it with a product for black spot. Keep an eye out as it will come back.

This is a hardy, strong climber. Sadly black spot is a big problem with it.

Good Luck
Reply #2 of 2 posted 26 MAY 08 by jdsong
some told me Bayer Advanced spray is best to use instead of the drench. i used the drench this spring and it did nothing as it still got blackspot. now my Golden Celebration has it and my Kathleen Harrop rose also has it. Bad rainy spring here. I am spraying them 1once a week with the bayer advanced now. I can not get all the leaves off the Blaze that are infected as its too high and too many at this point so i hope the Bayer Advance spraying will help stop it..

Thanks for the advice!!
Discussion id : 20-191
most recent 7 JUL 07 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 JUL 07 by Unregistered Guest
Hi, new at this gardening thing. We bought a home and there is quite a large rose bush, i have looked it up and it seems to be a blaze rose bush, tree? My question is once it flowers and we have over 100 blooms do i purne it again? Can a cut them will more grow? Last year when we got the house there was only a few roses on it. My husband and i went on the net and searched how to prune rose bushes well we must have done a good job because this year the bush is full of roses but i don't know how to maintaine it can anyone help? My neigbours say the rose bush must be 40 years old is that posible?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 7 JUL 07 by Wendy C
I've had Blaze for 8 years or so. Yes, clip all of the dead blooms off. With a climber I only clip the sprays off, not the main canes. It will give you more blooms over the summer, but probably not like the first flush. Keep an eye out for black spot, this varieties only downfall. And yes, it could be that old.
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