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British Association of Rose Breeders

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  Listing last updated on 19 Dec 2020.
United Kingdom
Established 1973.
1975 The Rose Annual, UK
p90. Jack Harkness. BARB. .....I have written this on behalf of the Members of BARB, and if we had a fully attended meeting, you would see: Bill Anderson from Aberdeen, sometimes kilted, usually laughing, always helpful and loyal to his promises; Roger Pawsey from Cants of Colchester, who quietly accepts a lot of detailed work, and contributes common-sense and good humour; Alec Cocker from Aberdeen, emphatic and earnest one moment, and arousing gales of laughter the next; Bob Boswijk from Rearsby, representing De Ruiter, full of practical sense, quick witted, a man of great heart to depend on; Gys de Ruiter from Holland, with an austere air, twinkling eye, and a keen, logical mind; Pat Dickson from Newtownards, our President, persistent to press for the truth, and considerate to every viewpoint; Frank Fryer from Knutsford, he makes us laugh, but we value his shrewd business mind, and his clever appraisal of roses; Jack Harkness of Hitchin, that's me, I am the Secretary, and I have recorded 150 minutes, every single one of them unanimous; Peter Ilsink of Holland, a real go-getter with enough energy for five and business acumen for twenty; Bill Warriner of Jackson & Perkins, U.S.A., a man of quiet purpose, infinite courtesy and high principles; Reimer Kordes of Germany, who will listen for twenty minutes and answer in twenty seconds, because he sifts the wheat from the chaff in this business better than any; Edward Le Grice from North Walsham, whose goodness and integrity look just the same to us in the trade as they do to those outside it - not always the case, that; Alfred Lowe from Beeston, a man of honour and kindness, in whom duty and fairness are high priorities; John Mattock from Oxford, our Treasurer, who has given us a great deal of work - and John's work is valuable because his abilities are great, and his impartiality unshakeable; George Priestly from Tandragee, representing McGredy, quiet, but with a hammer in his hand to drive the nail home, a most valuable member giving us whole-hearted work; Sam McGredy from New Zealand, who of course we don't often see, but wish we did, for he is a great breeder and has the personal power to lift up any company he is in; Niels Poulsen from Denmark, another humorist, but an expert on Plant Breeders' Rights on the Continent; Harold Robinson from Burbage, a great contributor in keeping our meetings going, with his sturdy common-sense and good humour; Alain. Meilland, from Antibes, pouring out his vision and his knowledge in an emphatic torrent, generously contributing information and documents from his organization; and Michael O'Dell from Waltham Cross, representing Universal Rose Selection - Meilland, always willing to carry out a task, always doing exactly as he promised, and able to advise us about the British cut flower market.
I wonder what the devil they will say to me at the BARB meeting after they have seen this Rose Annual?
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