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Treloar Roses Pty. Ltd.
(24 Jan 2020)  Includes photo(s).
2020 New Releases.
Adorable. (Korjupvio) - A Silver Medal winner at the National Rose Trials and the People’s Choice award of 2019.  The magnificent, fully double blooms in a pink mauve is enhanced by a rich, complex fragrance of Apple and Litchi, finishing in creamy geranium and leaving the nose with a soft rose scent. A must have addition to the Parfuma collection with its upright growth and the famous Kordes health.     Height to 80cm and 50cm wide.   Awarded Most Fragrant Rose of Trial, Silver Medal and People's Choice Award at the 2019 Australian National Rose Trial Garden awards in Adelaide. 
(8 Jan 2021)  Includes photo(s).
2021 New Releases.
Afrikaans  (Korkaans) - Vivid is the best way to describe this colour. The strong orange blooms with a golden reverse can be seen easily from a distance.  Semi open and produced in abundance the blooms make up for the lack of fragrance by amazing any on lookers. Heat tolerant and almost evergreen with outstanding health, Bee friendly and great in a pot.  A must for gardeners who like bright colours.  Height to 1.2 m
(2015)  Page(s) 26.  Includes photo(s).
p26. Amoretto A very heavily petalled rose in the style of Old English Roses. A suffusion of APRICOT CREAM and light pink make up a very large bloom of more than 100 petals. Strong and hardy bush. Extremely fragrant.

[See also p61. 'Sebastian Kneipp' (Korpastato). The CREAMY-WHITE flowers with a yellowpink centre, have a form similar to that of English Roses. They have a strong fragrance and are produced in clusters on an upright bush to 2m tall. Dark green, glossy foliage.]
(4 Apr 2020)  Includes photo(s).
Anita’s Rose.  Climbing.  Climbing Rose. (CHEWscotch) - A lovely romantic style bloom in pale salmon accompanied by a light fragrance. 1.8m spread.  Healthy Mid green leaves.  A really nice rose for any garden.
(8 Jan 2021)  Includes photo(s).
2021 New Releases.
Bathsheba (Auschimbley) - Apricot-yellow buds open to shallowly cupped, many petalled rosettes. They are a beautiful blend of subtle apricot-pink and soft yellow, giving the overall impression of apricot, with creamy outer petals. There is a superb floral myrrh fragrance, with hints of honey and Tea. It forms a short, vigorous climber. Good for pillars arches or obelisks. It can get to a 3m spread.
(19 Mar 2016)  Includes photo(s).
Tranquility (Ausnoble) - Beautifully shaped blooms of neatly placed petals that form a perfect rosette. The buds are lighly tinged yellow, maturing to pure white, producing a light apple fragrance. The growth is vigorous, upright and bushy, making an excellent garden shrub. It is an almost thornless and very healthy rose, with a height of approximately 1.2m.
(24 Jan 2020)  Includes photo(s).
2020 New Releases
Beautiful Girl (Korakucap) - A romantic colour combination of silver and pink that you will fall in love with.  Antique in shape, the medium sized blooms have firm petals curving into the centre which sit on long stems, making this a great cut flower. Classed as a Grandiflora, with mid green leaves, this is a stunning novelty. Mild fragrance. Height 1.5m
(13 Nov 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Bee Scene (Korfliaumi) - This rose will stand out in any garden, semi double yellow open blooms produced in abundance with a play of cherry red on the outer edges. Dark green leaves on a tough, heat resistant bush that finishes with bright orange hips.  Loved by bees, great for landscaping, pots, or public spaces. Height to 80cm.
(2014)  Page(s) 54.  
Beyond Blue Relatively free of thorns this display of delicate lavender blue petals surrounding golden stamens makes an ideal landscaping rose. Approx. 1.2m high with an arching habit. Named for the National depression initiative.
(1981)  Page(s) 7.  
New 1981 Releases Floribunda Bush Roses.
Bingo  Large brick red fully double often flat blooms of great keeping qualities.  Plant is medium tall with good vigour and health.  Quick re-growth.
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