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(1936)  Page(s) 98.  
Bouquet de Roses (HP) Touvais 1871; cherry-red, medium size, double, cluster-flowered, repeats, growth 7/10.
(1936)  Page(s) 98.  
Bouquets, à (tea) Cherpin-Liabaud 1873; white, striped pink and scarlet, large, double, cluster-flowered, growth 5/10
(1936)  Page(s) 201.  
Denis, A. (HT) J. Böhm 1935; Gorgeous X Mar. Cran; lemon-yellow, shaded and veined carmine, large, double, ovoid lemon-yellow buds, reverse reddish
(1936)  Page(s) 217.  
Drawiel, A. (HP) Lévêque 1887; blackish poppy-red, shaded carmine, large, double, globular, growth 7/10. Sangerhausen
(1936)  Page(s) 258.  
feuilles luisantes, R. à (moss) Vibert 1843; soft pink, paler edges, medium size, double, globular, cluster-flowered, floriferous, bright green foliage, growth 4/10, well-branched. Sangerhausen
(1936)  Page(s) 266.  
fleurs de rose trémière de Chine, R. à (Provins) ? ? ; red, shaded, medium size, flat, fine form, rose with mallow blooms
(1936)  Page(s) 267.  
fleurs variables, R. à (Noisette) ? ? ; varies: dawn-colour to pink, center orange-purple, medium size, double
(1936)  Page(s) 294.  
Geoffroy de St. Hilaire, A. (HP) E. Verdier 1878; vivid cherry-red, medium to large, double, cup form, fine form, fragrance 7/10, repeats well, many prickles, short branches, growth 7/10. Sangerhausen
(1936)  Page(s) 706.  
Tige, Grande (centifolia) Noisette 1827; pink
(1936)  Page(s) 175.  
Corymbes, à grandes (Provins) Joly 1835; violet-pink, large clusters
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