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The Old Rose Advisor, Volume I: Updated, Enlarged, and Revised Second Edition
(2001)  Page(s) 111.  
'Alix Roussel' (Gamon, 1908). Yellow with a salmon center; large full.
(2001)  Page(s) 411.  
Arillaga (Schoener, 1929) From an unnamed seedling (resulting from crossing a Centifolia with 'Mrs. John Laing' (HP)) x 'Frau Karl Druschki' (HP). [The author cites from several sources] ...very large, double (35 petals)...intensely fragrant, vivid pink, golden glow at base of petals...profuse bloomer in summer, scant in autumn...8 to 10-ft. canes...nearly 5 inches in diameter...
(2001)  Page(s) 418.  
Baronne de Prailly (Liabaud, 1871) Seedling of 'Victor Verdier' (HP)....Attribution to Victor Verdier appears to derive from confusion between the person Victor Verdier and the parental Hybrid Perpetual 'Victor Verdier'.
(2001)  Page(s) 118.  
'Bella'. California Nursery Co.,?, 1890.
"Yellowish White" [LS]
"Pure white; good form; splendid large pointed buds" ]CA90]
(2001)  Page(s) 196.  
Monsieur Robert, Monsieur Vibert's gardener [in 1846, later to succeed Vibert in ownership of the firm].
(2001)  Page(s) 426.  
Camille Bernardin (Gautreau, 1865)
Seedling of either Général Jacqueminot (HP) or 'Maurice Bernardin' (HP).
(2001)  Page(s) 124.  
[The author quotes from the "Revue Horticole" 1832 under the heading of 'Caroline'] Raised at Rosny in 1829. Description.
(2001)  Page(s) 364.  
[Celine]. (Laffay, 1835). Hybrid Bourbon. "Fleshy lilac." [TCN] ....
(2001)  Page(s) 364.  
[Cerise Éclatante] (Jantet / Vibert, 1816). syn., Cerise Élégante; trans., "Sparkling Cerise"..... the second Hybrid China.
(2001)  Page(s) 33.  
Damask Perpetuals: Césonie (Vibert, 1836)
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