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23 MAY 20
24 May 2020. Planted, in my garden in Sydney, a young cutting-grown plant sent by Patricia Routley.
16 SEP 18
Today (16/9/18) I took cuttings from my specimens of 'General Schablikine' and "Vestey's Pink Tea" in an effort to see how they perform and look, given identical treatment. I have observed these two roses to be similar but not identical as is claimed by others.
My previous attempt at striking cuttings from the two failed. Gen Schablikine struck, but Vestey's Pink didn't, so I'm starting again hoping to be able to compare own-root plants of the same age.

The cuttings taken today were cut from stems of approximately the same thickness and length, placed in damp sand in identical pots and covered with plastic bottles with the bottoms cut off. Hormone rooting liquid was used identically on both samples. Obviously, each pot of cuttings was carefully labelled with the appropriate name.

14/10/18 All but two of the Vestey's Pink cuttings rotted, and only one of the General Schablikine cuttings rotted. I hope I manage to strike at least one Vestey's Pink, or I'll have to start again.
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