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most recent 9 JAN 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 9 JAN 20 by odinthor
Did the very influential (in their time) American firms Dreer's and Bobbink & Atkins simply decide to wind up business and shut down, or were they absorbed by other firms?

It seems strange to me that such companies which were so well known for decades finally seemed to disappear without remark in the rose world (of course, the same thing happened with Moreau-Robert: I've never found any contemporary remark on it shutting down).
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most recent 2 MAR 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 2 MAR 18 by Andrew from Dolton
Is there a rose without any gallica genes in it at all, (e.g. a pure China rose), that has ever had striped flowers?
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most recent 15 AUG 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 AUG 17 by BartBalk
I am looking for information about the AARS test gardens. I usually can find stuff on the internet, but this has stumped me. Is there an AARS website? Or a page on some other website? I would like to find the official list of test gardens now and in the past (<1970). I would like to find the official winners. I find those lists on various rose organizations websites, but nothing from the organization that is running or ran the AARS.
It looks like the AARS program has been disbanded:
But surely there must be somewhere a list of those test gardens and the results?
Perhaps someone can suggest a journal or something else to look in?
Reply #1 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
By now you will know all about HelpMeFind. But perhaps it might be worthwhile to just sit sometimes and play around with the site and discover all it has to offer.
On the left of the main page, select AWARDS & SHOWS
In the top under Alphabetical Lists, select A.
Open All-American Rose Selections
Open Shows.
Then open All-America Rose Selection Rose Trials
On the right, select a year,
And from the top left, click on AWARDS for that year.

It is a path something like that.

How did you get in with the labelling and/or mapping for the California Nursery Historical Park garden?
Reply #2 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by BartBalk
Well, thank you for getting me to that section. I had not found that. I do not see anywhere that the test gardens are listed for the years. Did I miss that? For example, for the first year (was that 1939?) where were the test gardens located?
Reply #3 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Sorry I can't help you with that. Perhaps somebody from America can?
Reply #4 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by BartBalk
I was having some trouble posting to your question about our labeling. Trying again and will edit this post if it works.
Maybe I can't post links?
I've been labeling plants with mini-blinds.
And I have an interactive map that I can look at while in the park.
I've been posting photos to facebook as well, according to beds.
Slow but steady progress.
Here's the map:
Reply #5 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Superb! Very well done Janet!
I noted a few spelling errors in the names which I am sure you are aware of. Please let us know if you would like help with these.
Reply #6 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by BartBalk
you are welcome to correct spelling errors any time. Especially when it's a foreign name :O)
Reply #7 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Very quickly looking through:

main page
Duchess of Brabant – should be Duchesse de Brabant (as in bed 1C)

bed 1A
Jardins de Bagatell should be Jardins de Bagatelle

bed 3A
Radience should be Radiance
Mr. Lincoln should be Mister Lincoln

bed 3C
Pickering Four Seasons Rose – should be enclosed with “inverted commas”.
Gruss an Templitz should be Gruss an Teplitz

bed 1D
Radience should be Radiance

bed 3D
Sharif Asma should be Sharifa Asma
Paul Perras / The Crepe Rose should be Paul Perras / “The Crepe Rose” (I think)
Fatin Latour should be Fantin-Latour
Leonardo deVinci should be Leonado de Vinci
Emperess Josephine should be Empress Josephine

Bed 3E
Camieux should be Camaieux
Crested Moss / Chapeau de...... spelling it Cristata might fit it in.

Bed 3F
Madame Berkeley should carry the “double quotes” (unless you have the real one which set seeds. )
Belle Amour also should carry the “double quotes”
Sauvolens / Alba semiplena should be Suaveolens (?) 10 and 15.

Apricot Nector should be Apricot Nectar

bed 3G
Fra Dagmar Hatropp should be Fru Dagmar Hartopp
Rose des Peintres – possibly R. centifolia ?
Rose a Parfum d l'Hay – Rose à Parfum de l'Hay

Bed 4C
Old Blush / Parson's Pink Monthly - Old Blush / Parsons’ Pink China
Sophie's Perpetual – “Sophie’s Perpetual”
Rosa chinensis Mutabulis - Rosa chinensis Mutabilis
Frülingsmorgen – Frühlingsmorgen

Bed 4D
Rosa eglantaria – Rosa eglanteria

bed 5C
Mrs. Sam McGreedy Cl. – Mrs. Sam McGredy Cl
Reply #8 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Margaret Furness
One typo there Patricia - bed 3D, Leonardo da Vinci.
Reply #9 of 13 posted 14 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Margaret
Reply #10 of 13 posted 15 AUG 17 by BartBalk
Thank you, Patricia and Margaret.
I've updated the spellings that you noticed.
While I went through this list, I noticed so many that we don't have any longer.
But, thank you for helping make the list better.
What does it mean to have a name with quotes?
Reply #11 of 13 posted 15 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
A pleasure Janet.
'Single quotes' is a rose that was so named, and has never lost its name over the decades.
"Double quotes" is the internationally recognised symbol of a foundling you know you don't have to waste your time leafing through the books searching for the name. They also help keep the search open for students of the rose looking for the correct name.
Reply #12 of 13 posted 15 AUG 17 by BartBalk
That is very helpful to know.
when you said "inverted commas", do you mean 'single quotes'? (as for the Pickering Four Seasons Rose)?
Reply #13 of 13 posted 15 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
Look it up on HelpMeFind if you ever have any doubt. Apparently Pickering thought it might be 'Quatre Saisons' (translates to four seasons) and so the study name became "Pickering Four Seasons Rose". (Mike Lowe and Leonie Bell had other thoughts about what it might be)
Discussion id : 73-170
most recent 22 JUL 13 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 21 JUL 13 by Ozoldroser
Joasine Hanet is listed as Joansane Hanet (with no description) on page 13 in A Catalogue of Fruit Trees, Bulbous Rooted, Flowering and Ornamental Trees and Plants cultivated for sale by John Baptist, City Nursery, and Market Garden, Bourke Street, Sydney, New South Wales. 1861
Reply #1 of 2 posted 22 JUL 13 by Patricia Routley
Thank you Pat. Interesting that it came early into Australia. I had a quick look at the John Baptist catalogue and they spell it 'Joasane Hanet' and this reference has been added.

When quoting these very welcome references, it would be better to put them in as a comment under the rose itself, rather than in 'Other' or 'HMF Publication Listing'.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 22 JUL 13 by Ozoldroser
thanks Patricia - in future I will do as you advise.
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