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'Lord Penzance' rose Reviews & Comments
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most recent 20 OCT 21 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 OCT 21 by Plazbo
Out of a couple dozen OP seedlings flowering for their first time (~3 years), despite differences in foliage (some dark, some not, some with very serrated margins, some not) and differences in number of thorns (some very, some few)...every single flower is without a trace of yellow. Plant is strongly selfing (expected..if it weren't I'd expect at less some semi doubles given it's surrounded by doubles) but seedlings seem to ditch all signs of Harison's Yellow influence which may be interesting to someone. Always expected the seedlings to lean towards rubiginosa due to the meiosis but the consistent drop of yellow was a surprise to me.

It'll be interesting to see if Lady Penzance OP seed follow the same path given the higher pigmentation, probably not til next year though.

Ultimately don't recommend growing out Lord Penzance OP seed, the results aren't phenotypically exciting, may be interesting if checking their genotype was more accessible (come on future!) to see if anything has been jumbled up with the caninae meiosis. Just growing out deliberate crosses from now on.

Now to wait til next year or year after for the first deliberate crosses to start flowering.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 OCT 21 by styrax
That's pretty interesting, and not what one would expect. Could you post some example of the seedling's foliage?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 OCT 21 by Plazbo
Yeah, I was expecting at least a little yellow in some of them. It was a very anti climatic experience of "yay flower buds!" to "oh it's pink....and so is that one and the rest of them".

Of note, these are all from different plants and ones kept in 7.5 to 15ltr pots at my suburban house (still flowered, so experiment success), there's close to another 80 in the ground at my parents in a disused paddock (from that same 2017/2018 crop...and many many more from subsequent years...ugh digging up to cull 99.999% of them is going to be unfun). Even those have the same pink flowers from daily video calls (side note, apparently the density of fragrance is unpleasant).

Not many of them have spots but I kept them around as a possible indicator of higher foetida influence or general incompatibility or something...just a point of obvious difference that I thought may be worth seeing difference in flower.
Discussion id : 113-882
most recent 3 NOV 18 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 3 NOV 18 by Plazbo
Discussion id : 105-616
most recent 25 OCT 17 SHOW ALL
Initial post 16 SEP 17 by Plazbo
While Rosa rubiginosa is said to have foliage that smells of green apples, Lord Penzance (at least to me, so far on new wood and juvenile leaves) smells more spearmint-ish, kind of toothpastey. Not unpleasant, just not apple like expected.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 16 SEP 17 by Andrew from Dolton
Perhaps some of the fragrance is influenced by Rosa foetida?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 18 SEP 17 by Plazbo
Possibly. I just found it interesting given many of the other R.rubiginosa hybrids with fragrant foliage are said to have the green apple scent so was not expecting the scent I'm getting from mine. Possibly getting an example of R.rubiginosa to compare with just to make sure it's not just me smelling LP weirdly.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 18 SEP 17 by Andrew from Dolton
Rubiginosa smells at its best in cool damp still weather conditions. It is classified as a weed in many areas, Australia too. I have seedlings of it I collected from the wild and grew this year. If your import laws were not so strict I could send you some.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 25 OCT 17 by Plazbo
It smells quite strongly from some distance away, it's just not green apples which is a little disappointing. It's blooms also seem to blow out in less than a day, not sure what to make of the plant really. Will need to compare it with some other hybrids and species examples (wish Magnifica was available in Australia)....was intending to experiment and use it as the basis of breeding but less confident about that now, will do a bit and see what happens in a few crosses and OP and get to f2 but maybe LP wasn't the best choice.
Discussion id : 101-090
most recent 20 JUN 17 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 20 JUN 17 by Sambolingo
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