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'President Wm. R. Smith' rose References
Magazine  (2019)  Page(s) 49. Vol 41, No. 1.  
Margaret Furness.  Tea, Noisette and China Mislabels in Australia. 
What is sold here as Dr Grill is usually William R Smith. A widespread survivor, and therefore has acquired several study names ("B L Amelia Anderson", "East Nanango Forestry Tea", "Edna Stapleton's").
Book  (2008)  Page(s) 196-197.  Includes photo(s).
William R. Smith  Breeder: Bagg, USA, 1908. Parentage : 'Maman Cochet' (T) x 'Mme Hoste' (T).  Synonyms: 'Charles Dingee', 'Jeanette Heller' and others.   Also known in Australia as "Dr. Grill" and "Bishop's Lodge Amelia Anderson (Aimee)" (ROR) hip seen....with so many petals, the stamens and carpels are not visible when the flower is fully open.  The receptacle is large, smooth and cup-shaped, with a few white hairs near the base, and does not appear to develop into a mature hip. 
Book  (2001)  Page(s) 2910-291.  
William R. Smith [quotes from a letter of Richard Bagg in the American Rose Annual 1930] ...One morning, late in September or early in October, I noticed among a few roses in pots a 'Maman Cochet' in bloom with fewer petals than usual but a perfect set of pistils. This was an opportunity that had never occured before, or since for that matter, so I immediately began a search for pollen, and was quite provoked because the only rose with pollen to be found was a 'Mme. Hoste', so I used that. ...¨Yes, I know that 'William R. Smith' has been renamed by several. One of the names is 'Charles Dingee'. Just a swindle!
Book  (2000)  Page(s) 631.  
‘William R.Smith’/’Blush Maman Cochet’/’Charles Dingee’/’Jeannette Heller’/’Maiden’s Blush’/’Président Smith’/’Président William R.Smith’ = Ancien – Thé – tons roses, remontant. Blanc crème avivé de rose, nuancé de chamois et d’or au creux de la corolle, ses fleurs doubles se succèdent tout l’été. Plus rustique que bien des rosiers thé, c’est un buisson compact, gracieux et accommodant. On raconte qu’un ami de Bagg vendit ce cultivar aux pépinières Hill, dans l’Indiana, pour une somme coquette, puis à d’autres pépiniéristes, à diverses reprises, sous divers noms. Bagg, USA, 1908. ‘Maman Cochet’ x ‘Mme Hoste’.
Book  (Apr 1993)  Page(s) 641.  
William R. Smith Tea, center pale pink, outer petals creamy flesh, base citron-yellow, 1908, ('Blush Maman Cochet'; 'Charles Dingee'; 'Jeannette Heller'; 'Maiden's Blush'; 'President Smith'; 'President Wm. R. Smith'); 'Maman Cochet' x 'Mme. Hoste'; Bagg. Description.
Book  (1993)  Page(s) 110.  Includes photo(s).
('William R. Smith', 'Charles Dingle', 'Jeanette Heller') Tea. Bagg (USA) 1908. ('Maman Cochet' x 'Mme. Hoste') Repeats. Height: 2 ft. Good scent.
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 59.  
William R. Smith ('Charles Dingee', 'Jeanette ') Tea. Bagg, 1908. Parentage: 'Maman Cochet' x 'Mme. Hoste'. [Author cites information from different sources and some very interesting entries from the American Rose Annual concerning its breeding and distribution.]f
Book  (1990)  Page(s) 87.  Includes photo(s).
William R. Smith Tea. 1908... known under a variety of names... it has a yellow base, creamy on the inside and pink on the outer...
Website/Catalog  (1982)  Page(s) 40.  
William R. Smith (Tea). Creamy white flushed pink with buff and gold base. Compact plant with good foliage. 1908 (C) 3 x 3’.
Book  (1954)  Page(s) 72-3.  
(Originated by Smith and introduced by Peter Henderson in 1908) - A favourite of the own-root nurseries who sold it under various names such as Blush Maman Cochet, Charles Dingee, Jeanette Heller, Maiden’s Blush, President Smith and many others.  The result of a cross between Maman Cochet and Mme Hoste.  Blossoms white tinged blush.
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