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Recent website additions and changes to HelpMeFind
Nov 5
We've made several changes to improve the speed and efficiency of the HelpMeFind software. You'll notice the speed improvement and the efficiency changes helps keep the work load on our server down.
Oct 23
We added another enhancement for HelpMeFind's premium members.

The advanced plant search now allows you to limit you plant search to your HMF "Favorite" lists.

For example, looking for red rose with pink edges available at any of your favorite nurseries - now your can with the new Favorites option.
Oct 22
We have replace the MY NOTES feature for premium members with the new "private" journal entries.

Now when you add to your HMF journal you can designate individual journal entries to be viewable by everyone; just your HMF friends; or just you.
Oct 1
Our October Ezine is devoted to the memory of Ralph Moore and is available online now.
Sep 6
Recent improvements have made HelpMeFind much faster for you dial up site guests.
Sep 2
We have enhanced the HelpMeFind journal feature.

You can now add journal entries that can only be viewed by the members found on your HMF Friends list. This allows your group to share experiences amongst yourselves. Ideally, we would hope HMF members would share their insight and experience with everyone but we recognize there are times a group of members may want to communicate just between themselves.

You can now also add journal entries which are not shared with anyone; they can only be viewed by you. Use HMF to record your personal notes, comments or reminders.
Jul 29
We have add many new options to the various photo display pages - take a look.

Societies can take advantage of HMF's society "member" feature to collect and feature the photos of their members. See which members photos are HMF favorites or member rated.

There was quite of bit of work involved with this; let us know what you think and how it might be improved.
Jul 12
We've add some new photo list display options to better highlight member photos.
Jun 16
We added a new "JOURNALS" tab to every plant to list plant specific member journal entries. This allows you to follow the progress different members have had with the displayed plant.

Just another way for us all to share our experience and insight with each other.
Jun 12
We've added a new "Welcome" prompt in the upper right of every page that shows your member id so you can quick ensure you are properly signed in. If not, click the "not you" link.
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