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Style Roses (21 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Claire Austin (Ausprior) - David Austin Roses, English Climbing Rose
Claire Austin is one of David Austin Roses finest white roses to date. Very attractive lemon mid sized early buds open out fully to large displays of creamy white full cupped flowers with a wonderful  strong, myrhh fragrance. Healthy, rapid ,strong upright growth and free flowering.   Fragrance: Strong Height 1.8m to 3.6m approx

Style Roses (21 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Bright Future (Kirova) - Climbing Rose
Bright Future is an eye-catching Climbing rose creating strong, rapid growth which will quickly fill out an area. Easily trained, pliable stems and a mass of repeating bright orange semi-double flowers with strong sweet perfume makes this healthy rose very appealing for any garden.  Fragrance: Strong. Climbing Rose Height: 3m approx

Style Roses (21 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Happy Birthday - Front Border, Patio Rose
The ideal birthday gift rose, repeat flushes of light yellow flowers which cover the plant on light green, glossy, healthy, foliage. Happy Birthday is also great as a container plant and perfect for a front border. Fragrance: Lightly scented. Bush Rose Height: 30cm  to 60cm

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  
Wild Fire (Fryessex) - Front Border / Patio Rose 
Wild Fire will create a hot spot it your garden with this glowing orange rose! Growth is dense, compact and healthy. A very free flowering plant, completely eye catching. A patio rose which will also make an impact in the borders. Makes an absolutely stunning as a Standard rose, adding colour and height to the garden. Fragrance: Lightly scented   Bush Rose Height: 75cm.

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Strawberries and Cream - Front Border / Patio Rose 
Strawberries & Cream is a wonderful Patio rose variety with exquisite and unusual striped roses, every one with differing blends of primrose, cream and red. Repeat flowers throughout the season with a healthy, compact habit. Available as a Standard Rose - a real talking point!  Fragrance: Lightly scented. Bush Rose Height: 50-75cm

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Golden Jewel (Tanledolg) - Front Border / Patio Rose
Golden Jewel produces a profusion of highly attractive, high-centred, unfading deep and golden yellow blooms on dark green, glossy foliage. Its compact, bushy habit makes this rose a great patio container rose or for the front border. Supremely healthy, flowers last for a very long time.   Fragrance: Lightly scented   Bush Rose Height: 40-60cm

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Frothy (Macfrothy) - Front Border / Patio Rose
Frothy is a very pretty and very double Patio rose with nicely scented flowers which bloom in great masses and stand the rain well. Compact, rounded mid-green growth, flowers from early summer to late autumn, one of the best white Patio roses. Fragrance: Medium Bush Rose Height: 50cm

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
Baby Face (Rawril) - Patio Rose 
Baby Face can be either grown as a short Floribunda rose or large Patio rose. Excellent in a container, produces strong stems laden with lemon and white flowers on dark foliage. Wonderfully fragrant which is unusual for varieties in the Patio range.   Fragrance: Strong   Bush Rose Height: 60cm

Style Roses (20 May 2022)  Includes photo(s).
 Fair Eva - Exclusive - Repeat Flowering Rambling Rose  
Bred by Sean McCann from Ireland, this very attractive repeat flowering rambler rose  has an ambling, spreading habit, producing long trailing stems that are easily trained. Produces long green stems with stunning red thorns which bare good sized clusters pretty clear pink flowers in abundance in repeating waves through summer and autumn. Makes a great barrier plant and also idea for Rose Arches, Pillars and Obelisks.   Also available as a Full Weeping Standard Rose, producing a spectacular large head with long trailing sprays of pretty pink flower and a fantastic way to add colour and height to the garden.  Fragrance: Lightly Scented - Medium. Height: 1.8 - 2.1m 

Modern Roses (1930)  Page(s) 57.  
Dr. Domingos Pereira  Cl. T.  (P. de Magalhaes 1925) Flower large, full, double, well-formed, lasting, opens well, sweetly fragrant,  lilac-rose, shaded yellow at center.  Growth very vigorous, climbing; profuse bloomer.  
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