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Initial post 21 MAR 19 by IvaGayle
Beautiful Picture and Beautiful Form.
I have the same objective as you.
I wish you luck. I am just starting out with my cuttings.
I have 90 stems in the greenhouse. Those are Hybrids.
Hopefully more will root than not ... cross your fingers for me.
I am looking for old roses to add to my garden.
Reply #1 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by Patricia Routley
I hope both of you in your respective countries are members of the Heritage Rose Societies. When I first joined the Australian group, our cutting days offered cuttings - bundles of three for .50 cents and the world was my oyster.
Reply #2 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by IvaGayle
I do belong to the ARS, but there aren't any active chapters anywhere near me. That is why I trade with people around the country and world.
Reply #3 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by Patricia Routley
There weren’t any active chapters near me neither, but their journals were so inspiring. As I read of a member having this or that heritage rose, contact would always bring a welcome package of cuttings through the mail. Cuttings simply love that period of warm, dark enclosedness. If the mail is late, more than likely the cuttings will arrive well calloused for a good start.
Reply #4 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by Margaret Furness
I hate being a repetitive wet blanket about this, but don't even think of trading cuttings around the world. Quarantine penalties are severe, and for good reason.
Reply #6 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by IvaGayle
I have Family and friends who live all over the world.
I also travel with work. I'm an Executive Assistant.
So, I meet rose enthusiast in Person and build relationships.
Unfortunately, they are in the same field as I.
I have the luxury of working from home. Most do not, so they rarely have cuttings. :-(
Reply #5 of 10 posted 22 MAR 19 by IvaGayle
I am waiting for the next journal and I'll try to see if anyone has any cuttings.
You would be Shocked at how rare it is around here.
I love in the Chicago Suburbs.
Reply #7 of 10 posted 31 OCT 20 by 4seasonz
Thanks Patricia. Joining HRNZI helped me a lot to learn about roses, share cuttings and plants and observing roses in fellow members' gardens. Now I am the editor of the Heritage Roses New Zealand Journal.
Reply #8 of 10 posted 31 OCT 20 by Patricia Routley
Well done Salila. In my opinion, the NZHR journal is one of the finest in the world. You have prompted me to look on my bookshelves and I find the last journal I have was November 2019. I will follow that up today.
Reply #9 of 10 posted yesterday by 4seasonz
I am a member of Heritage Roses New Zealand and was the editor for four years from 2019 and 2023. Now I am part of the Rose Register Team and Rose Distribution Team. Involvement with HRNZ helped to learn more about roses and share roses among the members. Cuttings Days helped a lot to spread the rare plants and roses around.
Reply #10 of 10 posted today by Patricia Routley
Have the Rose Register Team considered adding foundling roses to HelpMeFind? There is a whole world of rosarians who may be able to help rule out, or point the way to a rose’s real name.
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Initial post today by Pereirelover
Three years ago I ordered Souvenir d'Alphonse Lavallée from Lens Roses in Flanders, Belgium. I planted her against an Obelisk. As soon as the shrub started to grow in spring I knew this wasn't an Hybrid Perpetual. It made slender, flexible long branches which I could lead around the obelisk. The few blooms she had the first year didn't look like "very close to Souvenir de docteur Jamain". They looked like deep red to mauve/purple, quartered Gallica like flowers with a good strong old rose fragrance. I started to search on the internet and also on this site. This led me to look at Erinnerung an Brod from Geschwind and BINGO! That was my rose. I contacted Ann from Lens and she told me there was lots of confusion about Lavallée. I said she was selling Erinnerung an Brod. The next two years my Brod kept getting stronger and bigger covering the entire obelisk. Last year in 2022 she already was fantastic and bloomed for weeks but last summer in 2023 she was a magnificent display with dozens of purple jewels and she kept blooming till late June so well over four to five weeks in hot dry weather. I love my Erinnerung an Brod and I'm glad they gave me the wrong Lavallée. This fall I again wrapped several new branches around the obelisk and it's completely full now. May 2024 promises to be a wonderful Erinnerung an Brod year! PS: After a cold spring the first flowers suffer from proliferation but I don't mind as later blooms are perfect. Highly recommended rose
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Initial post yesterday by Nastarana
Palatine will be offering the alba rose 'Armide' this year, with online ordering beginning sometime in December, and not right before Christmas. I am hoping for this week.

I am guardedly optimistic that their 'Armide' might be correctly named. The picture shows a rose which, to me looks distinctly different from 'Mme. Plantier', having fewer petals arranged in a somewhat more open fashion than MP.
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Initial post yesterday by jac123
I suspect that there is some vertical blackspot resistance in Vanessa Bell, as it is spotless for many growers and quite susceptible for others, regardless of humidity and heat.

I may partially agree on the single flower not being breathtaking, the average deep cup, but the colour is really unique. White on the outside, yellow on the inside. The scent is quite strong, not especially refined, myrrh and citrus.

The main thing I have to say about Vanessa Bell is that I had never seen a second year own root plant having 120 flowers in its second flush without deadheading.

Its growth and foliage are quite interesting as well, very light and airy, but it needs to be staked after heavy rains
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Nastarana
White/yellow bicolor is indeed unique. How does VB look in its' last stages? Does it turn pink or fade to white throughout?
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